You would do anything to be the difference your struggling students need.

You just wish you were actually certain that what you were doing was working. You would love to be confident that you were providing the exact type of instruction they needed. Maybe you wish (even secretly) that you didn't need to spend all of your nights and weekends planning to make it're not alone.

I Want to Learn More!

We're here to make that a reality for you.

Meeting the needs of your struggling students isn't easy.

You care deeply about your students and the growth they make.

You know they are depending on you to close the ever-increasing gaps in their literacy ability.

You're doing everything you can but you're exhausted looking for one-off resources that will support the curriculum you are trying to use.

You know you're missing pieces, the instruction has gaps, but you're not sure what to do about it.

(We know because we've been there! We've been tired and dare we say on the verge of burnout...)

But you're not letting all the hard work dissuade you.

You're still ready to change lives.

And here's the secret - this doesn't have to take all of your nights and weekends or years of trial and error.

You don't need the overwhelm because you've got things to do...students to help.

All you need is a structured curriculum and guidance on how to implement this type of instruction.

We've got you covered - LEARN MORE!

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